Greater Boston Tea Party Talks about the Future

Christine Morabito, President of the Greater Boston Tea Party writes about the future of the Tea Party movement in her article published in "The Valley Patriot", November 2012 edition titled, The Tea Party--Take 2.  Read Christine's article:

Like it or Not, Obamacare is a TAX

"Sentinel and Enterprise" columnist, Peter Lucas, Tuesday, July 3, 2012 clearly articulates that the Supreme Court has determined that Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is a tax.  This one fact has a potential dilitorious impact on s successful second term for the President.  A pledge to not raise tax has been the bane of previous presidents who failed to go on to second terms.  Read Peter Lucas' column:

Ineffective Policies on Energy

The "Sentinel and Enterprise" editorial, February 23, 2012 addresses the inability of our current and past presidents to bring to bear an effective energy policy.  Now, we again see President Obama, in his typical fashion, finding multiple excuses as to why he remains unable to control the rising cost of energy, especially gasoline.  So once again we go without an energy program and the people suffer.  In Obama's "big" energy speech earlier this week, he embarrassed himself by announcing his inability to address the rising cost of fuel.  He made multiple excuses as to why he couldn't impact supply and demand, but surprised everyone as he announced a new clean energy program that was going to solve all the nation's energy woes:  ALGAE.  Read the "Sentinel's" editorial:

Let's Get Behind Show ID to Vote

"Boston Herald" op ed writer, Deroy Murdock in Saturday, March 10, 2012's edition comments and clarifies the growing push for states to mandate that a voter produce an official photo ID to vote in local, state and national elections.  Mr. Murdock argues that having an official photo ID is part of the American experience in that a photo ID is typically required to conduct banking, travel on planes, and purchase items using your credit card.   It is not equilavent to imposing a poll tax or disenfranchising a segment of the population based on race.  Read the "Boston Herald's" column:

Sheriffs are Taking on Deval Patrick on Secure Communities

Secure Communities may be a political albatross to Deval Patrick, but for the County Sheriffs, it is a realistic approach to law enforcement.  In 2013 Secure Communities will be required, but the County Sheriffs are fighting to ensure that they can begin reporting ID information on criminals to Homeland Security now.  Read the "Boston Herald's" story on Sunday, September 25, 2011:

Upcoming Event


The  January 2015 meeting is being planned, however, this meeting too maybe cancelled as the patriot leaders work to identify new leadership.  Please monitor this webpage for further information on upcoming meetings. 

The monthly meeting is held at Barber's Crossing Restaurant, 175 Leominster Road (Rt 12), Sterling, MA in the Chocksett Room (downstairs).  Barber's Crossing is off  interstate 190 as it intersects with Rt 12.  It is located at the Sterling-Leominster border.  There is no agenda at this time, visit this site again for more information.  The Twin City Tea Party is non-partisan.  All are welcome to attend.  There are no cost, dues or fees to attend.  Dinner at Barbers Crossing is available at the attendees expense.



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