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Other information:

The Twin City Tea Party is a non-partisan group of patriots who meet monthly to discuss events of the day and to learn and remain educated on issues and topics relating to government and governance.  As stated in our goals, we support smaller government, fiscal responsibility and discipline, and values consistent with the US Constitution.  There is no membership.  One only need to attend a meeting and sit down to learn about us and our organization. All are welcome at any time.  The Twin City Tea Party will not endorse a candidate for political office.  As patriots and individuals, we are free to identify candidates from any political party and support these in as we choose.

Upcoming Event

The November meeting of the Twin City Tea Party is cancelled due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Because many patriots will be traveling.  Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving holiday, we look forward to planning an informal holiday celebration in December, 2014--stay tuned! 

The monthly meeting is held at Barber's Crossing Restaurant, 175 Leominster Road (Rt 12), Sterling, MA in the Chocksett Room (downstairs).  Barber's Crossing is off  interstate 190 as it intersects with Rt 12.  It is located at the Sterling-Leominster border.  There is no agenda at this time, visit this site again for more information.  The Twin City Tea Party is non-partisan.  All are welcome to attend.  There are no cost, dues or fees to attend.  Dinner at Barbers Crossing is available at the attendees expense.



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    A free people [claim] their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate.

    Thomas Jefferson, 1774